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What kind of recruiting we can do?

PERMANENT - If you’re looking to expand your team, we can offer expert consultancy to identify
the best candidates for you.

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TEMPORARY RECRUITMENT - For the unexpected, like many projects (UAAUU), a temporary professional
may be just what your business needs to keep accelerating.

repliki zegarków To what extent will you participate in my case?
In PA, we have the notion that we can only function well in the areas we know of and with
sufficient resources for the demand we will have.
We only make a commitment if we know we're going to do a good job.

What should I prepare to send?
We should receive the job description as detailed as possible, not only at the technical level, but
also what "soft skills"; are desired for the candidate.Fake Hublot
The more you let us know about your organization, the more likely we can find the perfect match,
and find the right candidate for your company, the one that can add value to your company.